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    Being a mom is tough. But being a stepmom is 10 times harder.

    Perhaps you and your stepkids do not get along.

    Perhaps the ex-wife resents you and makes your life miserable.

    Regardless of your situation, being a stepmom or second wife means you are dealing with complicated situations. But you can make it work.

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    SECOND WIVES CLUB is the first online community dedicated to stepmothers and second wives. In the past decade, over 1,800 stepmoms have come here to share their experience and give each other advice.


    • Stepmom Advice: The best advice comes from other stepmoms who have been through it all, and know exactly how you feel.

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    From the wicked stepmothers of famous fairy tales, to the stepmothers of modern television and film, pop culture has been less than kind to the stepmother figure. ...
    As a step-mom, you may wonder, “will it ever get better?" I can tell you with confidence that it can. Unfortunately, not as soon as you would sometimes like, but it does get better. ...
    Sibling rivalry can be a really difficult situation to diffuse in any family, and adding stepchildren to the mix can seem like a losing battle. ...
    Having a manipulative ex-wife is potentially very damaging to your marriage. She can and do wreak havoc in your life. The important thing is not to let her think she has the upper hand and has upset you ...
    My grandfather’s first wife died young. They had seven children when Annie died, and Fred was overwhelmed. In time, he married the young girl Annie had hired to help her. Grandma Mable ...

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  • Our Member Testimonials

    I joined SWC in 1999 because I felt like nobody understood what I was going through as a new stepmom.

    This website made me feel like I wasn't alone. It also became a safe place for me to release frustrations to people who wouldn't judge me or tell me I knew what I was getting into when I married a man with an ex-wife & children.

    SWC is a must for stepmoms / secondwives.” -- SM


    “I joined Second Wives Club in 2007 when I moved in with my then boyfriend (now husband) and we combined our families - three children for him and two for me.

    Without the wisdom and caring of the wonderful women on this site, I don't know what I would have done
    or how I would have navigated the confusing blended family waters.

    I can say now that my SWC sisters are some of my closest friends.” -- LK


    “I came to Second Wives Club when I was feeling alone and full of anxiety.

    This community has helped me feel as if I am a part of a real family and allowed me to share my thoughts, feelings and story with other women and allows me to feel as though I am helping others in my same situation.”

    -- J


    “I have been a member of Second Wives Club since 2000.

    I absolutely love this web site.

    The ladies here have gotten me through some very stressful times and kept me acting with my head instead of reacting emotionally.

    I feel this web site has helped me grow as a stepmom and as a person and I am truly thankful for all the wonderful women I have met here.”

    -- W


    “I came to Second Wives Club when we got engaged. He was the single, divorced father of young teenage son with emotional problems.

    I was looking for support, sympathy and suggestions for a soon-to-be full-time custodial stepmom.

    I got all of that and more, here at SWC. -- JJ


    We've been married a year, and I am able to come here for understanding and support that I cannot get from my family and friends.

    The only people who fully realize that being a stepmother is the hardest job in the world, are other stepmothers.”
    -- AK


    I chose to be a moderator because I wanted to give back to the community that has given me so much.

    I truly believe I would not have survived my first few years of steplife without my SWC sisters.

    I hope that my small contributions over the years have benefited other secondwives and stepmoms.” -- SC